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RTT Services are a fully qualified team of friendly, reliable, and above all,
professional arborists & tree surgeons
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We Are Fully Qualified &
Accredited Tree Surgeons

Professional and Extensive Tree Surgeons in East Sussex

RTT Services provide professional Tree Surgeons in East Sussex and nearby locations.

Over time, we have built a successful reputation, business and a consecutive local client base for tree surgery. Our company’s ethos is ensuring Environmental Care and sustainability is a priority for the tree care services we offer. Not to mention, our tree surgeons always work passionately whilst respecting the nature around them. We have expertise in all tree surgery requirements, from tree surgery or pruning to felling and removal for hedge trimming. Therefore, offering contemporary, bespoke solutions for outstanding tree maintenance.

Our specialists help those of East Sussex find their appeal and abundant biodiversity. As a company, we are here to help enhance the beauty of this residential town with our high standard of tree care. From trees and farms to gardens and meadows, we are here to help!

We strive through your satisfaction; we are dedicated to tree conservation and care, giving old trees a new life with the latest tree inspection techniques, supporting your tree concerns for commercial and domestic properties. Hire our skilled arborists for your landscapes and choose from a wide range of tree care services such as Forestry, Tree Surgery, Ash Dieback and Hedge Cutting.

Our Comprehensive Range of Tree Surgeons in East Sussex

Here at RTT Services, we want to keep on top of all our customer’s demands; we do so by accommodating a wide range of maintenance and tree surgery preservations. We understand the value of trees within a sustainable source to agree with proper guidelines and regulations. Our tree surgery is completed with advanced standards, complying with safety measures and ensuring excellent tree health.

Our team of arborists at RTT Services provide the best results in terms of professional tree care and surgery levels. When a detailed appreciation and comprehension of the tree’s physical and biochemical nature are complete, we will start tree surgery measures concentrating on our high standards. After completing all tree evaluations, our surgeons will begin the process, following the industry’s practices and guidelines. At RTT Services, we take a proactive approach to tree surgery with the latest equipment and tools whilst abiding by the statutory control measures.

Our tree arborists are qualified and certified whilst using special tools to tackle tree overgrowth and deadwood removal. We ensure to maintain the health of all trees by repairing them to their natural shape, size and appearance. We are here to help improve nature’s beauty and health, from formative pruning to shortening tree branches.

Our team also works with hedge trimmers who can help residential and commercial properties alongside our team. We use advanced equipment to guarantee safe and productive hedge planting and reductions while following statutory control measures. Therefore, making the whole process effective and valuable.

We are highly trained to work with large-scale woodland forestry work due to our qualifications and experience. We use heavy-duty machinery to manage deadwood tree removal, coppicing, woodland management, winching, timber extractions and felling. Our team of surgeons minimise the surrounding areas with complete precision and effectiveness, from safe handling and disposal.

Why Choose to Work With Us?

We provide high standard, versatile and flexible tree surgery and maintenance within East Sussex and the surrounding areas. Our team makes you a priority, aiming to exceed your expectations and requirements whilst also following the industry’s guidelines and accurate applications. Did you know you can acquire our non-invasive tree maintenance services alongside our professional tree care to enhance the overall tree health of your property? Here at RTT Services, we focus on sustainability; we take care of neglected trees and assisting them to heal back to their regular health whilst preserving and improving general tree health. We promise to give you the best tree maintenance and surgery results.

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Safety First

We work closely with Local Authorities, The Forestry Commission, The National Trust and several large scale commercial developers.