Top 3 Reasons for Hiring an Arborist in Winter

Winter is the perfect time to prune your trees and cut your hedges. The trees have far less foliage in this season because of all the shedding throughout autumn and winter. 

However, to get your trees pruned correctly, you need the help of professionals. Unlike lawn mowing or leaf clearing, it is not something you can do on your own. Get a call through to your local arborist and book an appointment to have your garden and front yard maintained. 

Why Take Help of a Professional Arborist in Winter time? 


1.   They have training and experience. 

A professional arborist has the necessary skill and expertise to correctly prune your trees. We often make the mistake of thinking that pruning and cutting trees would be easy, especially with their leaves shed. But the truth is far from that. 

An arborist would know precisely where and how much to prune. If your tree is a blooming one, it will need necessary grooming before the spring season. 

2.           Dormancy of Trees

Wintertime is when trees also hibernate. In winter, they shed all their leaves, which contains the chlorophyll and sunlight-absorbing cells. Therefore, they do not make food for themselves and go into a dormant stage. It means that all their processes slow down to a large extent. This helps protect the trees from being too vulnerable to open cuts and bruises in the bark. That is why winter is the ideal time to cut and prune the trees without the worry of infection. 

3.           Disease Detection 

Even though the trees are dormant in winter, they can still catch ailments and diseases. Especially in places which get snowfall and sub-zero temperatures, trees can suffer root damage, winter burn, and frost cracks. An arborist’s expert eye would notice the signs of any such problem much quicker, and it might just end up saving your tree in the long run. 

RTT Services are a team of expert local arborists and tree surgeons, so get in touch with them if you want to cut, prune, shape, or treat your trees during any time of the year, especially in winter.