Hire The Right Tree Surgeon In 4 Easy Steps

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Taking care of the overgrown trees in your garden is complicated for every homeowner. If you don’t want to deal with the issue throughout the year, hire an experienced tree surgeon. They will ensure that the trees are pruned and trimmed at regular intervals. It is necessary if you want to prevent them from shedding numerous leaves. Neglecting an overgrown tree near your house can impact the foundation of your property.
Since following the wrong tree surgery technique can be pretty harmful, you can consider contacting experienced tree surgeons. Choosing a tree surgeon becomes quite challenging with so many scattered all over. If you want to choose someone reliable for tree surgery in West Sussex, you can follow a few easy steps.

Want To Save Money When Hiring Tree Surgeons? Follow The Steps Stated Below

Hire An Experienced Tree Surgeon
Chopping down a tree is quite challenging as you must consider many things. If you fail to prune the tree at the right time, the task will become more expensive in the long run. Tree surgeons know how tall they should allow a tree to grow before pruning it.

Ask The Right Questions
If you want to hire the right professional for tree surgery in West Sussex, make sure you ask them the right questions before hiring. Schedule an initial consultation and ask them whether they will remove the tree after cutting it. While some ground the stump, others leave it untouched. A tree surgeon considers many things before quoting a price, so you can consider doing a bit of negotiation before hiring one. Ask them as many questions as possible so you can hire them with complete peace of mind.

Know The Price
The cost of tree surgery depends on various factors. You need to consider the height and type of the tree you want to get rid of. Some tree varieties are easier to handle, so that the tree surgeon might quote a lower price for their services. They have to be more careful when removing overhanging branches and charge a bit more. It is not only about cutting the tree, but even removing the waste can increase your bill a lot.

Compare Prices
If you want to make a wise investment when hiring someone for tree surgery, gather quotes from two or more tree surgeons and hire one quoting a reasonable price. Don’t choose one quoting the lowest price to save some money. Similarly, paying a high price won’t assure that you get the best services. You can also ask for references from friends or family with a garden in their house.

Since hiring the right professional for tree surgery is a must, make sure you follow the steps stated above and get in touch with the experts at RTT Services.

The Difference between Tree Surgeons and Arborists

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Often people consider the term arborist as the synonym of a tree surgeon. Is it correct? Can you put these two professionals inside one bracket?

Tree surgery demands special skills and the right knowledge about cutting trees in different manners. When you look for a company that provides tree surgery in West Sussex, you might get names of companies that are certified arboriculture experts. It would be easier for you to understand which one will be better for your landscape when you become aware of the differences between these two professionals.

Who is a Tree Surgeon?

As the name suggests, a tree surgeon will focus on cutting, pruning and clearance of trees and branches. It is all about surgical procedures for trees to ensure their steady growth and health.

The main areas of focus in a tree surgeon’s work are;

  • Emergency tree work
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Site clearance

To become a tree surgeon, one must have proper training and knowledge about tree climbing, chainsaw use, safety measures and other tools used in these processes.

Who is an Arborist?

An arborist focuses mainly on the health and condition of trees instead of their shaping and appearance. They are specially trained for inspecting ailments and growth in trees and plants.

The main areas of focus in an arborist work are;

  • Topographical surveys
  • Preparing Arboricultural Method Statements reports to determine how building development method can affect the nearby trees and their roots
  • Preparing Arboricultural Impact Assessments reports on the impact of already established buildings on a certain area’s trees and plants
  • Tree protection plans

These experts must have in-depth knowledge and degree in science, biology and ecology management. They should not be hired to maintain the aesthetics of your garden but can be a great help to maintain the health of your trees.

How to Choose the Right Tree Surgeon?

To ensure that your trees will get proper care and maintenance, you must look for a certified, reliable, experienced and licensed tree surgeon. They are highly talented experts with vast knowledge about chainsaw use and all the safety.

If you see a van printed with Tree Surgery, Arboriculture and Waste Management, you should avoid the same. They are neither qualified tree surgeons nor professional arborists. They will never be able to provide you with satisfactory, reliable and safe service for your trees.

You should look for a tree surgeon with;

  1. Vast experience
  2. License and certification
  3. Advanced tools
  4. Insurance
  5. Knowledge about equipment and their uses
  6. Friendly approach
  7. Professional perspective
  8. Ideas about safety measures

These experts will inspect your landscape at regular intervals to monitor the growth and shape of your trees. They can cut, prune and remove tree branches or stumps as per the demand of the situation. These experts are also available for seasonable and emergency tree surgeries.

Choosing the Expert

RTT Services is a reputable company that provides various types of tree care services, including tree surgery. Our extensive range of services also includes fencing, countryside management, stump grinding and hedge cutting.

Please get in touch with our team to know more about our services.