This week RTT Services completed a project at a local church in Rustington. The client approached RTT with concerns about tree branches encroaching on gravestones, paths, and third-party property. The overgrown branches were also blocking light to the cemetery, the council hall, and residential property.

The project site consisted of over 25 Lime Trees also known as Tilia x Europea’s.

Jake, RTT’s managing director walked the site with the client to understand fully the client’s requests. It was concluded that pollarding the trees would be the most cost-effective for the client and most beneficial for the health of the tree.

All trees were in a TPO & Conservation area therefore a formal application needed to be submitted by ourselves before work could commence.

Due to access restrictions, a MEWP could not access the site therefore the decision was made to use our qualified trained arborists to access and climb the trees using a 3 rope system.

The site was closed off for safety using bunting tape. A banksmen was needed at all times to man the footpath and ensure the safety of the public. We also erected appropriate signage.

All Wood fuel and chipping was chipped using our hand-fed chipper, the chip was taken back to our waste yard and assorted for biofuel.

We were cautious of the highway, the sensitivity of the environment we were in, and the public. The team was instructed to stop production in the event of a grave visit or church service out of respect.

Overall this project was completed successfully and within the agreed timeframe with no disruption to residents. And these lime trees will now be satisfactorily maintained for the next 3-5years.

We look forward to our upcoming projects and keeping you updated with those.