These incredible photos were captured by our groundworker Charlie White whilst we carried out Phase 1 of de-vegetation alongside the A27 near Chichester, West Sussex this week. Charlie was on-site with Jake Davies, Director as he operated our TMK Tree shear mounted on our 8-tonne excavator.


The first phase of removing vegetation down to 300mm was to be done prior to bird nesting season to make the habitat unsuitable for nesting birds and removing summer opportunities for dormouse found in the area. Following removal of all vegetation in this first phase, all arisings were chipped on-site and returned back to RTT depot for recycling.

The second stage will be completed later in the Spring of 2022 and will involve clearing remaining vegetation down to ground level.  At this time of year, any dormouse previously in the area will have left their hibernation nests on the ground and found summer nesting opportunities in the area surrounding the site.

To ensure minimal disruption to the protected dormouse, a full ecological survey was carried out for our client, Knights Brown Construction Ltd.

These works have been commissioned to facilitate the enlargement of the roundabout area on site.