Know Why Should You Hire ARB Approved Tree Surgeons

If you plan to remove a damaged or diseased tree from your garden, get in touch with certified tree surgeons. They have the required knowledge and tools to undertake complicated tree removal projects. With so many of them scattered all over West Sussex, choosing one often becomes a challenge. If you want to have complete peace of mind, look for an ARB approved contractor.

ARB-approved tree surgeons have a specific grasp of their subject like doctoral-level graduates. Their demand is quite high in the tree surgery industry as accreditation is hard to win and can be achieved over time. Hire ARB approved tree surgeons, and you can rest assured that they have more knowledge and excellence than those new in the industry. They encourage a sustainable approach towards arboriculture and believe that where possible, felled trees should be replaced.

What Do You Mean By ARB Approval?

The Arboricultural Association is an international leader in arboricultural best practices. The ArbAC (ARB Approved Contractor) scheme is run by this recognised association and is a widely accepted accreditation scheme for tree surgeons offering tree care services in the UK. A very small percentage of tree surgeons in West Sussex have this certification as it has high qualification requirements and standards.

If you are looking for the highest standard of tree care services, you should start looking for ARB approved contractors. Not only do they have suitable qualifications but even required insurances like employer’s liability, professional indemnity and Public Liability. You can expect them to follow the best practices across the industry as they have to work in compliance with the British Standard BS 3998:2010.

ARB Approved Tree Surgeons Have Excellence In

  • Knowledgeable and high work standards
  • Uninterrupted customer care
  • Comply with all the industry-set environmental practices
  • Trained and health and safety compliant

Periodic Assessments Of ARB Approved Contractors

The ARB accreditation is more than just a qualification. Only those tree surgeons following the regimented process of the association are awarded this certification. They have to strictly follow all the rules and comply with the legislation and regulations prevalent in the industry even after they get the accreditations. To ensure that the tree surgeons maintain the highest standard of work and adhere to all the new industry legislations, they are subjected to periodic assessments. Even if you hire them many years after they were awarded the accolade, you can rest assured that the contractor will be reliable and capable.

Get Better Peace Of Mind With ARB Approved Tree Surgeons

Some of the people in West Sussex think twice before hiring an ARB approved tree surgeon as they don’t know what to do if they are not satisfied with the contractor’s work. Such being the situation, you can get in touch with the Arboricultural Association. It is their responsibility to ensure that all their approved contractors are maintaining the highest quality of work. They will investigate the matter if they suspect any lapse by the approved contractor.

Few Facts About These Tree Surgeons

  • They are better qualified and are specialists in the well-being and health of trees.
  • They have to undergo vigorous training, and most of them have years of experience in the industry.
  • Less than 3% of professionals working as tree surgeons are approved.
  • You can expect the best tree care services from an ARB approved contractor.
  • They undergo regular or periodic assessment as it is mandatory for these tree surgeons to maintain the highest work standards.
  • You will know that the tree surgeon you are hiring is an ARB approved contractor if you notice ArbAC written beside the company’s name.

Why Choose RTT Services When Hiring Tree Surgeons?

RTT Services has a fully qualified team of friendly, reliable, professional, and ARB approved arborists offering residential and commercial tree care and tree removal services including Site clearance in West Sussex. They have specialist equipment to offer affordable services of the highest standards. They work closely with Local Authorities, The Forestry Commission, The National Trust and several large scale commercial developers. You can hire one with complete peace of mind.