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Firewood Logs

Firewood Logs delivered to your door

Seasoned and Kiln dried logs

We now provide Kiln Dried logs and Seasoned Logs for firewood. We also supply netted bags of kindling and hardwood chip, screened to 50mm. All of our wood products (Oak, Ash and Beech) come from locally sourced wood. All the timber we collect is a bi-product from our forestry and tree surgery works, meaning that it is a reused fuel source. Hardwood logs can burn for up to five hours, this is because hardwood logs are much more dense than softwood logs – so you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Price list

Load size
Kiln Dried Logs
(Delivered in load bags or IPC Cages)
Available in 9 or 12 inches
Seasoned Logs
(Delivered in load bags or IPC Cages)
Available in 9 or 12 inches
(Supplied in netted bags)
Net bags
Hardwood chip
(Delivered in load bags and screened to 50mm)
Free delivery within 15 miles of our depot (PO22 6DE)
All prices are exclusive of VAT. VAT for Commercial purchases is 20% and VAT for personal purchases is 5%. Quotes are available on larger quantities, please contact for further information. Prices are subject to change – prices correct as of September 2022.

Fast delivery

Delivery is available Monday to Saturday and we aim to deliver within 3-5 business days of your orer being accepted. Please note, deliveries could be delayed with higher order volume in December so please place your orders early to avoid disappointment. (Saturday delivery is subject to availability, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a delivery time with you but you can request that our delivery driver contacts you whilst they are en route).

Sustainably sourced

During our work in the forestry and arboricultural industry, we have been fortunate enough to be able to manage a large amount of timber stock for recycling purposes. We have long been producing wood chip for recyclable purposes but have recently ventured into the firewood production after having identified a huge local demand that current suppliers are struggling to sustain.

During the year and especially over the winter months, we undertake a large amount of felling works and this is then stored for next years seasoned firewood stock or selected to be kiln dried. Throughout the year, we select some small trees and timber for chipping into woodchip. This is then stored at our processing depot in West Sussex for ongoing sale. The environmental impact that processing our timber in this way and selling it on for bio-fuel is a positive step, especially as approximately 95% of our firewood is from the South of England.

We have a dedicated and competent team who take part in the production of our firewood and we are always working to ensure our product is of the best quality whilst testing our efficiency in our production methods. We have invested in the best machinery to ensure that our high standards are maintained consistently.

Quality and Customer Service are something that RTT Services have always held in high importance and this is reflected in all aspects of our business, with firewood production being of no exception.

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