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Get Rid of Ash Dieback in Waverley with Experienced Tree Surgeons

We are in the process of going through a terrible epidemic of Ash Dieback in Waverley and this is quickly spreading. The Ash Dieback disease, first identified in Europe back in 2010, is quickly spreading throughout South East England. The deadly fungus has caused many tree deaths in recent years, with an estimation of 95% of dead trees coming from this disease. If it’s not treated, the problem could become worse. By hiring our local tree surgeons at Roundtop Trees, we can stop this terrible disease before it’s too late.

The Summer is known to be a time when trees are more susceptible to fungal diseases. As leaves start blooming, older specimens may have been infected by windblown spores from plants in nurseries that carried the infection along with those who were planted already. Signs include dieback of branches and trunks while other symptoms can also occur during Autumns shedding leaves, making diagnosis difficult; winter months present only one problem – being unable due to leafless twigs providing enough contrast against snow-covered ground meaning you’ll need special tools such as “leaf nets”.

Know Its History Before You Hire Us To Get Rid Of Ash Dieback in Waverley

Heart rot is a tricky infection to diagnose and cure. It can be found in the cavities of trees, which have dark elongated-diamond shaped lesion-like marks on their surfaces or where branches meet trunks because it attacks these areas first when spread from nearby joints towards roots or outward along, lengthwise grain too!
The symptoms may include twisting with browning at ends; splintered wood that seems wet inside but not wet enough for waterlogging if you shake them upside down then right side up again.

The fungus that causes ash dieback is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus and attacks trees’ vascular systems. First, the pathogen inhabits leaves to damage them by producing a chemical known as viridiol, which leads to leaf loss; this then affects wood on bark with further destruction until crowns may fall off or become swollen due to infection progression towards its death. There’s only one preventative measure against these infections: pruning away any infected parts at levels where you can still see green, healthy tissue surrounding diseased areas. This should be carried out by professional tree surgeons such as those at Roundtop Trees.

About Our Tree Surgeons

Our professional tree surgeons can help you reduce your carbon footprint by removing dead trees. Ash Dieback in Waverley can cause significant damage to the UK’s ash population and the biodiversity and ecology of our forests. These hardwood industries rely on these areas for resources like timber harvesting or firewood production. It also causes significant problems with fragility of woody plants such as flowers which are vital components within floral communities where they serve many functions, including providing food sources for insects that might otherwise prey upon them.

If you have any concerns about dead tree removals and would like to discuss them with our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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