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Get Rid of Ash Dieback in Reigate with Experienced Tree Surgeons

Did you know Ash Dieback affects leaves and branches, causing them to turn brown? Additionally, symptoms may not even show for years after the infection has begun and sometimes they don’t even ever show through. The condition can cause thinning to crowns or dead branches. However, nothing is compared to the disease potential impact it can have. Contact our helpful and professional tree surgeons before something unfortunate happens with Ash Dieback in Reigate. We advise you call us as soon as possible if you think your tree could have the infection. We are here to help get rid of the infestation of Ash Dieback!

Ash is an old favourite for many gardens. Yet, if left untreated or not taken care of in the correct manner when infected by the Dieback disease, it can lead to devastating effects such as death. Likewise, the infestation can spread further through its spores and put other plants at risk.

Contact us today at RTT Services to put a top to Ash Dieback in Reigate. Offering expertise for all your trees, hedges or other shrubs in your garden to help them thrive and grow as much as possible.

Know Its History Before You Hire Us To Get Rid Of Ash Dieback in Reigate

Ash Dieback is a complex disease; it has been around for decades yet was only identified in 2007. Did you know, if your home doesn’t feature any ash trees or has recently had contact with any already diseased ones, your garden/trees can still contract it! However, we can help ensure that doesn’t happen by conducting detailed inspections, removing dead wood from infected plants where needed!

Unfortunately, there is no cure to stop this fungus from spreading; the only way to treat it is to cut them back and down. It’s where all of those black spots on our ash tree leaves come from.

Is your tree infected with Ash Dieback? Do you think your garden could be in danger? If so, give us a call; we can help and advise where we can to prevent further Ash Dieback in Reigate. We provide advanced services, and we can ensure you that our professional, efficient team will remove Dieback quickly!

About Our Tree Surgeons

Here at RTT Services, we provide friendly, professional and experienced services to our customers. We back our high-quality work with competitive prices and attention to detail, so your property stands out from the rest with its gorgeous garden care. We specialise in providing efficient yet affordable services depending on what you need, no matter how big or small the project. We produce outstanding quality with exceptional customer care, which is why you can rely on us.

Hymenoscuphus is the fungus that causes Ash Dieback. The pathogen invades the leaves and inhabits the inside of the tree vascular system. A sign to spot for Ash Dieback in Reigate is the fact there will be lesions all over. Ceratocystis infect these trees. This causes the twigs to die, and tiny holes appear, followed by discoloured back rings on the deadwood.

The UK is unfortunately in for an unpleasant surprise with supposedly 2 billion Ash trees infected with the fungus.

Do not wait! Contact us today if you need our assistance as soon as possible. We want to help you quickly and safely!

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