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Get Rid of Ash Dieback in Petworth with Experienced Tree Surgeons

Did you know Ash Dieback is accountable for killing hundreds of ash trees all across the UK? Here at RTT Services, we offer many services, including Ash Dieback in Petworth. Our team has years of expertise in the arboriculture industry. They know why the fungus strikes a tree’s vascular system, making it worthless in extracting nutrients to its upper branches and slowly killing it.

As soon as you notice an immediate leaf loss or any lesions on the bark, try to get it treated as promptly as possible. Did you know overlooking the warning signs of the disease can be deadly to surrounding plants and trees? However, with our tree surgeons by your side, treating Ash Dieback will become more natural. Our team recognise your specifications before concluding the type of equipment and machinery they should use to treat the infection.

Know Its History Before You Hire Us To Get Rid Of Ash Dieback in Petworth

Ash Dieback was first distinguished in Poland and later spread westwards, meaning hundreds of trees in Europe have undergone the most devastating effects. A few years later, in nursery stock, it was again confirmed in Britain and ever since, the number of findings is constantly increasing every day.

Younger trees are more likely to infections and therefore are more inclined to die quickly. Accordingly, if you have several young trees in your garden, you could contemplate hiring our tree surgeons. They can assess the condition of the trees to help treat and control them. Due to older trees being more prone to the disease and dying within a cycle of infection, there are various signs to look out for. However, it would help if you always got an expert tree surgeon to make an official diagnosis.

About Our Tree Surgeons

Here at RTT Services, we understand that our skills and experience with treating trees infected with Ash Dieback have encouraged us to outshine our peers. Our tree surgeons are fully certified and qualified to carry out tree services efficiently and guarantee that every tree is safe. If you have emergency tree work that needs to be sorted immediately or want to get rid of an infected tree, we are here to help. Our tree surgeons will visit your property as soon as possible to trim or remove trees infected with Ash Dieback.

Using their knowledge, they will assess the level of damage that the infected tree has experienced and find a proper action that suits your budget. If needed, they will carry out excellent surgeries and advise in taking adequate care of your yard. Some of the services offered by them can improve the visual appeal of your outdoor space drastically.

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