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Get Rid of Ash Dieback in East Sussex with Experienced Tree Surgeons

If you want to get rid of Ash Dieback in East Sussex, contact our experienced tree surgeons. Ash dieback is a fungus that affects the leaves and branches of Ash trees, causing them to turn brown and fall off. It can also cause thinning crowns and dead branches. Ash Diebacks spores are spread by rain or wind, and it can take up to three years for symptoms to appear on an infected tree. This means that even if your Ash tree seems healthy now, it could be carrying the disease without showing any signs yet!

Although Ash dieback is not a danger to humans or animals, it can have devastating effects on Ash trees. This makes Ash diebacks the number one priority for our tree surgeons to treat Ash Dieback in East Sussex! Our experienced team of tree surgeons can get rid of Ash Dieback without causing any damage to your beautiful Ash tree. We are also happy to advise you about treatments that will help protect your Ash from further infections and prevent this fungus from spreading throughout your garden.

Contact our experts today if you want advice about how we can help with Ash dieback in East Sussex or need some expert care for all your trees and hedges.

Know Its History Before You Hire Us To Get Rid Of Ash Dieback in East Sussex

There are many reasons why Ash Dieback is an issue. Even if you do not have Ash trees on your property, the chances are that they exist nearby, and the spread of this fungus could affect more than just your treasured home or office space. Please get to know its history before hiring us to get rid of Ash dieback in East Sussex.

A severe problem caused by a fungus is called, Chalara fraxinea. Ash Dieback in East Sussex affects about 90% of ash trees in some areas within three years after appearing. Unfortunately, there is no known way to stop it from spreading; the only treatment available is cutting down an infected tree and burning it.

We have been helping homeowners and businesses with Ash dieback in East Sussex for years; our tree surgeons can help you get rid of Ash dieback quickly, so your Ash trees have the best chance to survive. They are trained, insured professionals, so hire us today, and we will get started on saving your greens and beauty.

About Our Tree Surgeons

Our team of qualified and friendly arborists can provide various services for both domestic and commercial purposes. We offer our customers high-quality workmanship, reliability at competitive prices with an attention to detail that will make their property stand out from the rest. Our specialist equipment provides an efficient yet affordable service that caters to primary treatment and commercial site clearance.

Ash dieback is a severe issue for ash trees, and it’s caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. The pathogen starts to inhabit leaves on its way up from the root system into upper branches, where nutrients are more difficult for them to obtain because of damage done in their vascular systems as soon as they’re infected with this disease. Shortly after infection occurs, there will be lesions all over, and missing bark rings around twigs, allowing fungi-infested sapwood space between two layers within tree trunk walls. This leads directly toward crown death through eventual widowing out these prominent veins under pressure until everything breaks apart entirely due to nutrient starvation.

Although it is too early to establish if any trees will prove to be resistant to the fungus, the reality is the likelihood is 90% of the 2 billion ash trees across the UK will be infected in the years to come.

So please, get in touch with us today if you require our expert Ash Dieback services. We are here to help as and where we can, ensuring your outdoor space stays beautiful.

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